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Have You Ever Heard About The Cero Moment Of Truth?

Things have changed in the advertising world.  It used to be that tourists arrived in Puerto Rico, they picked up a couple of publications at the airport –or at their hotel– and maybe —just maybe— they saw your ad and called you.

Well guess what? Those days are over!

Now, they sit in the comfort of their own home, months in advance, grab an iPad or their laptop, and plan their entire trip.  Hence, they rarely look at ads in paper publications anymore. Why?   Because –by the time they arrive on the Island– they already know where they’re going.

This is called the cero moment of truth.  The decision to buy takes place long before the customer arrives.  So if you place your ads on paper publications your message will be tardy to the party.

And just so you know, I didn’t come up with this term.  It was created by the people at Google and if you want to learn all about it you can download their free e-book that packs over 100 pages of pure marketing genius!

But, I know what you’re thinking: “what about banner blindness”?  Isn’t it true that most banners never get clicked on?  You’re absolutely right!  That’s why we don’t sell you a banner.  Our ads look like information, in the form of a directory!

And don’t get me wrong. It’s not that we feed our readers advertising, when what they think they’re getting is honest to God information.  Absolutely not!  Our philosophy is clear and simple, and we state it right on our front page: “we don’t sugar coat reality… we tell it like it is”.  So if at any point we detect that one of our advertisers is tricking, deceiving or misleading our readers his/her ad will be cancelled and any remaining balance will be reimbursed.

That’s how you gain the trust of your readers.  That’s how you stay in business for a long time.

So how does this work?

Basically there are three ways to promote your business with Puerto Rico By GPS:  sponsorships, interviews and our directory.

Sponsors can have their logo placed on the lower left corner of our front-page photo slider, an insert in our directory and an interview in our blog.  Most interviews will include video or audio depending on the type of product or service.

You can also purchase an interview separately.  We will visit your place of business, interview the person of your chosing, record audio or video, and make photographs as needed.  All interviews are conducted in English (no exceptions).

Then we will place it in our blog section along with a GPS map (like the ones that you see on every destination on this site) leading straight to your front door.

Finally, you can purchase an insertion in our directory.  Every insertion can include:

  • Business name
  • Description (up to 1,000 characters of text)
  • 12 Photos (600px X 400px)(customer supplied)
  • 3 YouTube videos (customer supplied)
  • Telephone number
  • Fax number
  • Cellular number
  • Website URL
  • Email address
  • Facebook fan page URL
  • Twitter URL
  • Street address
  • GPS Coordinates
  • Google Map (coordinate based)
  • Social media “share” button

In fact, our directory listings are so complete that, if you don’t have a website, you can simply purchase a domain with GoDaddy and point it to our listing and have an instant web presence for just pennies a day.  And if you don’t know how to do that we’ll help you too!

What Makes Us Different?

People don’t want to read ads. They want information. So we give them exactly what they want: complete, detailed information about your product or service in an informative and non-threatening way.  Then we show them exactly how to get to your place of business.

That way they’ll know all about you and your business well before they arrive on the Island; and more importantly, when it counts.

And by the way, none of this is written in stone.  If you have your own ideas, that you would like to run by us —by all means— give us a call today at 787-664-7494, ext 110 and lets put Puerto Rico and your business on the map!