Buyé Beach



Buyé Beach, Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico (southern end)

Buyé Beach, Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico (southern end)

There’s a beach in Cabo Rojo that most tourists hardly visit. But you will definitely want to check out. Especially if you like beaches that are tranquil, crystal clear and have fluffy tan sand. That, in a nutshell, is Buyé Beach.

Buyé is one of those beaches that isn’t featured in magazines or travel guides. It’s more of a local secret. That’s why many people just pass by it without even knowing that they did.

In fact, even when you get there, you’ll feel that you are lost. You’ll arrive at a small parking space with no beach to be seen. That’s because of all the urban sprawl that has spread along the coastline. But look carefully. There’s a small gate at the right end of the parking area that leads to a narrow sidewalk. Follow that sidewalk about 100 meters due west and you’ll arrive at one of the nicest beaches in the area.


Buyé is located about three miles north of Boquerón Beach, on road PR-307. It’s a natural beach, so there is little parking, no showers, restrooms, lifeguards, safety buoys, concession stands, gazebos, recycling bins, signage or written material. It’s also very popular among the locals, so expect large crowds during weekends and holidays.

Buyé Beach, Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico (northern end)

Buyé Beach, Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico (northern end). Click on image to see it larger.

Buyé is also a pretty long beach (a little over a half a mile). That makes it an excellent place to go for a long tranquil walk, enjoy a sunset or the view of Desecheo Island in the distance.

There is a cordoned area where the water is crystal clear and the bottom is pure sand. This is the area favored by locals. However, here’s a little secret, if you walk north along the coastline you’ll arrive at a place where it would seem like you can’t go on. Look closely to your right, behind what used to be a fence, and you’ll see a small trail. Follow that trail for about a minute and you’ll arrive at a second stretch of beach that’s looks like it was taken out of the movie “Blue Lagoon”. It’s pure heaven!!!

Oh, and one last thing: the surf here is practically inexistent. It’s almost like swimming in a giant swimming pool!

Enjoy Puerto Rico!

Orlando Mergal


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