Minillas Government Center



Minillas Government CenterThe Minillas Government Center (Centro Gubernalmental Minillas) is a building complex in the heart of the Santurce area that can be seen from most of the Condado/Miramar area.  It stands on the corner of De Diego street and Román Baldorioty de Castro expressway, across the street from the Puerto Rico Museum of Art, and about 4-5 miles to the west of Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport.

Like many government buildings in Puerto Rico, the Minillas Government Center is in a sad state.  So much so that one of the towers was declared “sick” and partially closed for cleaning just a couple of years ago.

As a tourist, you probably won’t have the need to visit the Minillas Government Center.  But there is one thing there that you might want to take a look at.  Right on the main square, between the two towers, there’s a beautiful bronze statue “Mujer Reclinada”  that everybody calls “la gorda” (the fat lady) that’s laying comfortably on her side between the buildings.

I’m not sure what was exactly the message that the artist (Fernando Botero) wanted to convey with this wonderful piece of modern art, but I like it!


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