Quincentennial Square



Quinscentennial SquareA little to the west of the Convento De Los Domincos is modern square that was built in 1992 to commemorate the Quincentennial of the Discovery of America.  It’s called ”La Plaza del Quinto Centenario” and it sits between the Convento de los Dominicos and the Cuartel de Ballajá.

In the upper south center of the square there’s a huge modern sculpture, by renown local artist Jaime Suárez, that is known as the Totem Telúrico.  On weekends the square is usually frequented by teenagers on skateboards and children enjoying the walk-in water fountain at the lower end next to Norzagaray street.

The square also has an excellent view of the Old San Juan Cemetery, el Morro Grounds and many other adjacent structures. When you reach the north end of the square –facing towards the ocean– you will be on Norzagaray street.  This street goes from the El Morro grounds to Fort San Cristóbal at the opposite end of the city.

Across the street is the entrance to Old San Juan Cemetery “Santa María de Pazzis” where a great number of illustrious Puerto Ricans are buried.  However, the place is lonely, so if you are by yourself —and especially if you’re toting an expensive camera— be very careful.



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