San Juan Circo Fest 2014… A Smashing Success!


The First International Circus and Street Performance Festival of Puerto Rico, better known among the locals as “Circo Fest de San Juan 2014” was so successful that it went well beyond its organizers wildest dreams.  The event took place during Saint Valentine’s Day weekend on San Francisco Street in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Thousands of visitors from Puerto Rico and abroad flooded the streets of Old San Juan to watch over forty street acts including: theater performers, puppeteers, musicians, circus acts and artists.

Old San Juan is the place where the famous San Sebastian Street fiestas take place every year on the third weekend of January.  But this event was different.  This was a family event.  No food or liquor was sold in the street so that discouraged the rowdy type of crowd that usually gathers at San Sebastian Street.

Instead there were thousands of children with their parents, and even with their grandparents, flooding San Francisco street from Plaza Colón to Plaza De Armas. And the weather couldn’t have been better.  Puerto Rico’s February sky was so blue that it made your eyes hurt!


And the event?  Well let just say that it was fun, fun, fun. This is the kind of clean, wholesome entertainment that Puerto Rico needs more of.

Enjoy Puerto Rico,

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