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Welcome to Puerto Rico By GPS, the most complete GPS guide to sunny Puerto Rico.  Puerto Rico By GPS was created for the tourist that likes to explore a location on his own and at his leisure. We have made every effort to provide accurate and useful information that will help you explore every corner of beautiful Puerto Rico.

But before you proceed, let’s start with a couple of warnings.  You’ll be moving in a busy urban environment. Don’t let yourself be distracted by the entertaining nature of the copy, photos and maps.  Pay attention to traffic at all times and be careful at intersections.  If you’re walking or driving, watch where your going.  Don’t let yourself be absorbed by the copy, maps and pretty pictures.

Safety Concerns

Contrary to common belief, Old San Juan is a relatively safe city, with well-trained city police at almost every corner.  However, like any other large metropolis, San Juan —and Puerto Rico as a whole— has its share of crime and violence.  By following our advise, you assume all risk associated with its use, and accept that nor “Puerto Rico by GPS” or any of its proprietors or representatives will be held liable for injuries, accidents, deaths, arrests or any other financial or physical damages you might suffer while following such advise.

Many of the places covered in this website can be solitary and secluded, and you will notice that we always try to advise you when a place can be dangerous.  Sometimes a place may be dangerous simply because of the terrain, the height or  because of its pure unadulterated nature.  Be careful. Use common sense.

By using the information contained on this site you assume full responsibility for having adequate travel insurance that will cover accidents, personal injuries, loss of life, loss of luggage and any other loss associated with your visit. Puerto Rico By GPS and/or its owners, suppliers or representatives, assume no responsibility for personal injury, death, damage to property or any other loss, whether arising from accidents, criminal activity or any other matter beyond our control.

Finally, while this site will usually work perfectly on your computer, tablet or mobile devise, it is most useful when viewed on a computer or a tablet. Each page includes an audio player with the correct pronunciation of that particular place in Spanish, photos, information and a map. Each map includes a feature that will supply you with exact instructions on how to reach that particular location.  It will also supply you with the exact GPS coordinates.

If you prefer, you can copy those coordinates and write them into your own GPS device.  Either way you’ll go straight to each location every time.

A Brief Word About Compatibility

Puerto Rico By GPS uses the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technology to offer you the best user experience.  However, maintaining 100% compatibility with all desktop and portable devices is not an easy task.  We have found that this site works well with Safari, Firefox and Chrome browsers, both in the desktop and mobile versions.  However, we have noticed certain incompatibilities with older versions of Internet Explorer, including IE7, IE8 and IE9.  To the best of our knowledge there are no issues with IE10.