Congratulations Orlando!

“You have created an extraordinary information tool both for the visitor and for the locals. It is a comprehensive look at our beautiful natural and man made resources with very clear text, excellent photography and GPS maps to get to those beautiful scenic beauties.

I wholeheartedly applaud your efforts not only because of its usefulness but also because it was done without any governmental aid...that's the way to go!! I wish and hope other boricuas will take you and your initiative as an example of what can be done when there's an opportunity for a project to happen.”

Dr. Fernando Abruña, FAIA
Abruña & Musgrave, Architects

Great Information!

I just referred your website to a co-worker who will be staying in PR for a couple of weeks in September, so she can plan her visit efficiently and safe.


Ron Ramírez
FUTURITY FIRST Insurance Group

This is Fabulous!

Sr. Mergal: I wish I had seen this page two weeks ago, when our front door neighbors' daughter went to P.R. on vacation with her fiance. This is fabulous. Thanks for all your effort. Un boricua agradecido en VA.

Jorge Rios-Tores

Thanks for a well job done!

Thanks for sharing. I'm from Vega Baja and I agree 100% with your posting.  Puerto Nuevo Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Puerto Rico.  As you suggest, investing municipal money could help elevate the facility to the next level.

The mayor should look for funds to construct a sewage system with more capacity and the road that provides access from PR-2 to the beach parking should be expanded and paved.

Thanks for publishing Puerto Rico's beautiful scenes and promoting our island around the world.  Thanks for a well job done.

Carlos Maldonado

If You're a Beach Lover This Book Is For You!

“Puerto Rico For Beach Bums” is a great book with excellent pictures and beach descriptions of the Island of Puerto Rico, or actually as Orlando explains it in his book, the
Archipelago of Puerto Rico...

Definitely worth the money! I recommend it to everyone planning a trip to Puerto Rico and getting some sand, sun, and sea...

Robert Szymczak