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University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras CampusThe University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus, was established in 1903.  It is the main campus of a government-owned system comprised of 11 campuses throughout the Island.

For many years the Río Piedras campus included only the buildings surrounding the square that sits directly behind the bell tower.   You can tell because the architecture of those original structures is a lot more elaborated and different.  But today the Río Piedras campus is running out of land, mainly because of poor planning.  Most of the buildings are just a few stories high.  This uncontrolled sprawling has left the campus with hardly any green areas.

Many years ago I used to see tourist buses on the campus.  But nowadays they are few and far between.  Even so, the place is beautiful, clean and more or less secure.  So if you find yourself in the Río Piedras area drive by and take a look.

Like many other government-run institutions on the Island the University of Puerto Rico’s once pristine image has been tarnished by corruption, political strife, financial troubles and diminishing educational standards. Today our beloved “yupi” (pronounced [you pe]) (like we locals love to call it) is struggling to dig itself out of financial and pedagogical ruin.

But hey, it’s still our “alma matter” and we love it!!!


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