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Balneario Pico De Piedra, a beautiful beach that is known for its underwater currents. Be careful.

Balneario Pico De Piedra, a beautiful beach that is known for its underwater currents. Be careful.

Balneario Pico De Piedra is located in the small town of Aguada on the western coast of Puerto Rico.  It’s a “balneario” so that means that it has crystal clear water, ample parking, showers, restrooms, lifeguards, safety buoys, concession stands and gazebos.

However, Balneario Pico de Piedra is just east of where the Guayabo River meets the ocean so the water can be rather turbid after rainy periods.  This beach is also famous for underwater currents during the winter months, so check out weather conditions before venturing into the water.

During the week this beach is practically deserted.  On the east side there’s an area that’s perfect for snorkeling.


Aguada is a small town of about 40,000 inhabitants.  The name “aguada” means watering place.  Although there is no historical proof, many believe that this is where Christopher Columbus landed on his second voyage of discovery.  The nearby Culebrinas River would have been an excellent source of fresh water for his ships.

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2 thoughts on “Balneario Pico De Piedra”

  1. Aguada is my hometown. My dad had a cousin who passed away a year ago. He was a History teacher. He told us once that he was investigating with other teachers of the area about the landing of Cristobal Colombus in the area of Aguada. They did not finish the investigation, but they think that they found some links to that landing, and they are pretty sure is was in Aguada. So sorry I don’t have more info, and he passed away with all that treasure with him. But it was interesting.

    1. Actually, as far as I know Columbus never touched Puerto Rican soil. His sailors did. He never got off the ship.

      However, it makes sense that he make a stopover in the Aguada area because he was coming from the west.

      Thank you for visiting Puerto Rico By GPS.

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