Camuy River Caverns




About 20 minutes south of the Arecibo Radio Telescope Observatory, on road 129, are the Camuy River Caverns; one of largest cave systems in the world! And while they are not the absolute largest, they are certainly the most beautiful (I’m biased).

Underneath it all you’ll hear the Camuy River —the third largest underground river in the world— roaring through with all its might. This alone makes the carverns unique. But wait, there’s more. The Camuy Cavern System sits inside a luscious tropical forest. Visitors descend to the caves through a huge sinkhole, aboard a trolley, guided by trained personnel.


Only a small part of the system is open to the public.  The entire system is comprised of 10 miles of caverns, 220 caves and 17 entrances.  But believe me, the part that you will see is well worth the visit. Cueva Clara is the largest cave open to the public at this time and at its tallest point it measures 170 feet. That means that you could fit a 17 story building inside this cave alone.

A short trolley ride away is “Sumidero Tres Pueblos” a 400-foot deep sinkhole that sits at the intersection of the municipalities of Camuy, Hatillo and Lares.

The park covers a 268-acre plot of land and has ample parking facilities, a cafeteria, a small theater and a gift shop.  Trolleys go down to the caves every 15 minutes, but the park administration limits the amount of visits per day for ecological reasons. Visitors are given a number until a daily quota is reached.  Your best bet is to arrive before 10 in the morning.


When it rains the park closes down. Why?  Because the place is damp and slippery enough as it is.  So if the day is grey and rainy, save yourself the trip, because you probably won’t get in.


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