Playa Del Tamarindo


Palaya del Tamarindo, Guánica, Puerto Rico

Playa del Tamarindo is on road 333 in the municipality of Guánica on the Puerto Rico’s southern coast.  It’s actually inside the Guánica Dry Forest area.  This a natural beach, so that means no parking, showers, restrooms, lifeguards, safety buoys, concession stands, gazebos, recycling bins, signage or written material.

And in the case of Playa del Tamarindo the term “natural beach” can also mean “no people”.  The place is solitary.  However, the place is also beautiful so I thought I’d include it.

The water is crystal clear.  The sand is bright and fluffy.  And the surf is… well, let’s just say that it depends.  Technically Playa del Tamarindo isn’t even a beach.  It’s actually the open sea.  So that means that the surf can be quite high at times, there can be underwater currents and it gets deep pretty quick.  So be extra careful.


The Guánica Dry Forest is home to many endangered species in Puerto Rico.  It’s called a dry forest because of the low amount of precipitation that it gets year ’round. You will notice that trees in this area have smaller leaves and you’ll also notice a greater abundance of cactus.


What does this all mean to you as a beach enthusiast?  Bring lots of liquid!!!  The blistering hot sun, almost no shade and dry air at Playa del Tamarindo will dehydrate you in no time.  An abundant dose of sunblock is also in order.

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2 thoughts on “Playa Del Tamarindo”

  1. I visited Guánica Dry Forest several years ago and found it very interest – such a contrast to the lush tropical forest on the northeast side of the island. Very much enjoyed my stay at Copamarina Resort, too.

    1. I’m glad you liked Puerto Rico.

      The southern coast of Puerto Rico is totally different from the north. One is is humid and green while the other dry and sort of desert like.

      However, this time of year is the perfect time to come. Why? Because in most of the United States it’s snowing outside, and in Puerto Rico the winter months are the most beautiful. So maybe you’d like to come back.

      Best regards,

      Orlando Mergal

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