“Piñones” Beach



Piñones Beach, Loíza, Puerto Rico

The Piñones area starts about a mile to the east of Isla Verde Beach and extends all the way to the town of Loíza.  The beaches in Piñones are quite different from Isla Verde.  First, they are not “balnearios”.  That means that they are not government-run.  Hence, there are no buoys, no lifeguards, no showers, no concession stands and no parking areas.  The area is wild and beautiful like nature made it.

Some beaches in this area are actually quite nice. Others are rocky, windy and with the kind of surf that will sweep you back to shore (or deeper in).  So, all in all, the area isn’t known as a swimming spot.

What it is known for is for the food.  Puerto Rican food, that is.  Here you will find fish, and seafood dishes of every kind.  And the prices are a lot lower than in Isla Verde, Condado and San Juan.


Piñones is where the locals go.  Driving here during weekends can be a nightmare in itself.  Hundreds of cars line both sides of the road for miles and miles.  Just getting through can take hours.  But on weekdays it can be quite a delightful experience.

One word of caution though: like many other places in the United States, Puerto Rico is going through tough economic times.  This has caused crime to go up!  So this is NOT a place to explore at night.


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